Photo by Lola Lafia


Lecture at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

26 April 2023

I’m attending a symposium, “400 años del First Folio de Shakespeare.” And I’m giving a lecture about my favorite play, Midsummer Night’s Dream!

High Praise for Form and Foreskin

March 24 2023

Many thanks to Michael Calabrese for his review of Form and Foreskin in Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching. Calabrese said that the book is “a delightful, intense, and pleasurable read” that “belongs in the classroom and on reading lists for scholars.”

All Press Is Good Press?

15 December 2022

Albrecht Classen’s review of Form and Foreskin for Sehepunkte is intellectually dishonest in its misrepresentation of my work. But if conservative scholars are going to such lengths to malign me, then I take that as a sign that I’m on the right track!

Form & Foreskin Praised in Speculum

1 October 2022

It’s really an honor to read Stacy S. Klein’s review of Form & Foreskin for the most prestigious medievalist journal! Klein calls the book an “impressive monograph” written in a “distinctive style” filled with “verve and energy.”

Raving Review for Form & Foreskin

27 July 2022

In Arthuriana, William Robert praised my book Form & Foreskin for “turn[ing] circumcision into an innovative way of interpreting narratives and refiguring narratology.”

Added to the Professor Watch-List

15 August 2017

One of my proudest moments has been the right-wing push-back against my call for de-standardizing English grammar.