Transfer Queen

I love the cover of Transfer Queen, which I co-authored with Patty Barth.

Forthcoming this summer!


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Another Rebuttal

I honestly did not expect that my recent essay would be at all controversial. But here’s another rebuttal.

Jazz writes, “Most of [Strouse’s] article is written with the skill of a master wordsmith, making it all the more ironic since he’s arguing that others shouldn’t be held to those standards.”

But there’s no irony here! My students are learning to become better wordsmiths, precisely by embracing linguistic diversity.

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Boston Short Film Festival

My movie, “Mono Generation,” recently showed at the Boston Short Film Festival!

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“CUNY Professor Condemns Use of Standard English”

My essays often challenge the liberal status quo of academia. So I usually expect that they will cause a little bit of a stir.

But in the case of my recent piece on linguistic diversity, I assumed that I was taking a fairly mainstream position.

It had slipped my mind that conservatives love to troll academic news websites!

The Washington Free Beacon wrote a piece in response to my essay, complete with a salacious headline that dishonestly characterizes my position.

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“Why We Need Greater Linguistic Diversity”

I published this little essay in Inside Higher Education, “Why We Need Greater Linguistic Diversity.”



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Donald Trump Blues

Recently, one of my colleagues in the English Department sarcastically remarked, “Gee, I can’t wait till Strouse publishes some incoherent essay about his campy take on Donald Trump!”

Since I would hate to disappoint a loyal fan, here it is: an essay about Mr. Big Stuff himself.



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Mono Generation

In 2005, Lena Dunham starred in a film by Keil Troisi and A.W. Strouse. Endless problems plagued production—from the scatterbrained script to the cast’s partying to Strouse’s tawdry romance with Dunham. Now, this poetic short documentary reframes that footage into a commentary on celebrity, the War on Terror, and mononucleosis.

“Mono Generation” premiered at the Chicago Underground Film Festival before making its New York City premiere at Brooklyn Wayfarers, where the movie was screened on smart-devices.


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Review of “Mono”

Generous review of my movie “Mono Generation” in Bushwick Daily.

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Literary Theories of Circumcision

My dissertation received the Alumni and Doctoral Faculty Prize for the Most Distinguished Dissertation of the Year from the English Program at the CUNY GC.

Here’s what the Department had to say about my diss, “Literary Theories of Circumcision”:

In this arrestingly learned, wide-ranging, and critically sophisticated study, Strouse investigates the foreskin as a conceptual metaphor organizing literary experience. In writers from the patristic era to the present day, textuality is often figured as a foreskin and interpretation as circumcision, a literary theoretical formulation traced from Saint Paul through medieval, early modern, and modernist writers. The prepuce is found to contain an alternate literary history, one that queers received understanding of phallocentric writing.


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Reading 05/19

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