Strouse teaches writing and medieval literature at the New School.

Courses Taught

Beowulf: Unlocking the Word-Hoard (Hunter College: Spring 2015; Spring 2017; Spring 2018)
Chaucer (Hunter College: Spring 2016; Spring 2017; Fall 2017)
Love in the Middle Ages (New School University: Fall 2017)
The Queer Middle Ages (New School University: Spring 2018)
The History of the English Language (Hunter College: Fall 2014, Spring 2015; Fall 2016)
Getting Medieval on New York (New School University: Fall 2015)
Literary Theory (Hunter College: Spring 2018)
Freshman Introduction to Writing about Literature (Hunter College: 2013-15)

Two IHE Essays on Teaching Linguistic Diversity

Student Evaluations and Observation Reports